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22 March 2010 @ 10:08 pm
So Close 4/5  

Title: So Close
Author: [info]wander_lust_79 
Prompt: 282. Five times Puck and Rachel didn't have sex.
Rating: NC-17 for adult situations/language
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Rachel Berry/Noah Puckerman
Warnings: No spoilers beyond first 13 episodes
Disclaimer: I don't own Glee, Noah Puckerman or Rachel Berry
Summary: 5 times Puck and Rachel don't have sex...but so close!


The fourth time Noah “Puck” Puckerman and Rachel Berry didn’t have sex was a few months after they started dating, and Rachel spent the night alone in Noah’s bed.

Rachel got a call from Noah’s mother one Saturday morning. To say she was surprised would have been and understatement. “Hello Mrs. Puckerman, what can I do for you?” Rachel asked curiously.

“Oh Rachel call me Rose, Please! I’ve told you before.” There was a smile in her voice, “How my Noah got lucky enough to find a sweet Jewish girl like you, oh it’s just too wonderful!” The older women was already planning the young couples wedding, honeymoon and beyond.

Rachel blushed, it was always nice to hear Noah’s mothers open approval of her.

“I’m so sorry to even ask you this sweetie, but Rebekah is having a slumber party tonight,” she sighed sadly, “Originally I had tonight off to be home with the girls, but an hour ago the shift supervisor called and asked me to come in and cover from another nurse who’d been in and accident.”

“Oh no I hope she’s ok?” Rachel asked genuinely concerned, yet another reason Rose Puckerman approved of her son’s girlfriend.

“The doctor says she will be fine, but she’s out on leave for a few weeks, there shouldn’t be a problem getting a temp for her the next few weeks, but tonight they’re in a bind, which means I have to go in.” Rose explained.

“Oh Mrs. Pu…Rose” she corrected herself, “That’s too bad.” Rachel was starting to see where this conversation might be heading, but she chose to let Mrs. Puckerman steer them in that direction. She knew from conversations with Noah, and having spent time with his family, asking for help was something his mother had a hard time doing. 

“I know, and if it wasn’t a party to celebrate Rebekah’s 10th birthday I’d have her reschedule the sleepover.”

“But you can’t say no to Rebekah! A 10th birthday party can make or break a young girls social standing!” Rachel spoke from personal experience. 

Rose laughed at the sad truth in Rachel’s words, “Right!” She sighed into the phone again. “I hate to ask this of you Rachel.” The next words that came from Rose’s lips were hard for such an independent, proud and strong single mother, “But do you think you could come over and spend the night watching Rebekah and her friends?” Rose held her breath waiting for Rachel’s answer.

She didn’t hesitate in her response, “Of course, I’d love to. Plus I promised Rebekah we’d watch New Moon together, it would be a perfect opportunity for us to hang out.” Rachel smiled into the phone. “With regional’s coming up I haven’t had a free minute to just hang out with Bek and have some girl talk, I’m so thrilled you thought of me!” She didn’t want to lay it on to thick, but she didn’t want Mrs. Puckerman to think she owed Rachel anything. The truth was Rachel loved every minute she got to spend with the Puckermans. They had become an extended part of her family.

A thought crossed Rachel’s mind, “The only thing,” she paced her room nervously, “would you mind speaking to my dad’s, letting them know what’s going on.” She moved to exit her room, “I want them to understand I’m watching Rebekah and her friends, not asking for permission to sleep over my boyfriend’s house unsupervised.” A fresh blush crept into her cheeks.

Rose laughed good naturedly on the other end of the phone, “Of course dear.” She assured the younger girl. As if her father’s would ever think such a thing about their sweet little girl, her Noah on the other hand, “I’d be happy to talk to them. Noah’s sleeping over at a friend’s house anyway. The moment he found out the house would be full of five pre-teen girls he called everyone he knew to ensure he would not be home that night. That was three months ago!” She laughed remembering the groan he made when she broke the news to him.

Rachel smiled as she walked down the hall towards her father’s study, she could just imagine how Noah would have reacted.


Rachel stopped at the top of the stairs and yelled down to the basement full of giggling pre-teens, “The pizza should be here in a few minutes, please listen for the door bell while I work on dessert!”

“Will do Rach!” Rebekah shouted back up ay her, “Thanks!”

Rachel smiled to herself.

“OMG Bek, you are like so lucky your brother’s girlfriend is like cool and nice…” Rachel closed the door at the top of the stairs as she made her way into the kitchen.

She started by pre-heating the oven and then began moving around the cozy kitchen gathering what she needed to make Rebekah a birthday cake. Rachel was in the pantry, reaching for the flour on the top shelf when she felt someone’s arms slide around her body. “Need some help reaching that short stuff?” a deep voice breather against her neck before pressing a kiss behind her ear.

A smile spread across her face at the feel of her boyfriend’s arms around her, his breath on her neck. Before turning to face him she schooled her feature, “Noah what are you doing here?” There was a slight pout on her lips, a smile threatening to peak through.

“Babe I live here.” He told her the obvious.

Rolling her eyes, “Yes, thank you Noah, I’m well aware of that fact.” She shook her head, “You know what I mean, you’re supposed to be at Mike’s tonight” she reminder him.

A devilish smile played on his lips, “My girl is sleeping at my house, in my bed, with no parental supervision, there’s no way I was staying away.”

She tried to keep her satisfied smirk at hearing him call her his from spreading across her face. Sadly she failed. When Noah talked possessively about their meaning to each other she couldn’t help the warm feeling that coursed through her body.

Noah leaned forward and captured Rachel’s lips. Her hands traveled up his arms, going around his neck as she closed the distance between their bodies. He moved them a step backwards, Rachel’s back coming into contact with the pantry shelves.

The ringing of the door bell brought them back to reality, as well as the squeals from five girls running up from the basement. “We got it Rach!” Bek yelled out as the girls rushed for the front door.

Rachel looked up at Noah, a deep blush on her cheeks, her lips slightly swollen from kissing. “Noah you should go.” She told him breathlessly.

He placed one of his hands on the shelf behind Rachel and leaned in, “Not a chance babe!” he smirked down at her.

The girls came into the kitchen with the newly delivered pizza, “Rachel?” Rebekah called out when she didn’t see the older girl.

Rachel’s eyes grew big when she heard Noah’s sister and the other girls only a few feet away. She moved to exit the pantry, but Noah caught her arm before she could leave.

She turned to face Noah, a look of confusion on her face. Noah handed her the flour.  An embarrassed expression crossed her features. “Shhh!” She put a finger to her lips signaling for his silence as she stepped out of the panty. It was Puck’s turn to roll his eyes.

Rachel set the flour on the counter and reached for the napkins, cups and plastic forks she had taken out earlier. “Take these with you and go enjoy your pizza and movies.” She told them as she handed over the supplies.

Rebekah opened one of the pizza’s, “You better grab a few slices now Rach, I can’t guarantee there will be any left in 20 minutes.”

Rachel laughed knowing Bek wasn’t exaggerating, she witnessed firsthand these growing girls’ appetites already tonight.

Rachel took a plate and grabbed three slices.  Rebekah gave her a fourth, “Rach you need to eat more!” Rebekah told her as she closed the pizza box. One of the other girls grabbed the napkins and plates and they all disappeared back into the finished basement.

Puck emerged from the pantry and walked towards the kitchens center island, he snagged one of Rachel’s pizza slices. “My sisters’ right, you need to eat more!” Noah told her as he munched on his pizza.

Rachel rolled her eyes as she set about making Rebekah’s cake. “I eat plenty Noah!”

He simply huffed in response. They fell into a comfortable silence while she concentrated on what she was doing and he ate her pizza. He was content to simply watch her flutter around his kitchen. She ate a slice and a half of pizza while Noah devoured the rest, and then pulled some leftovers from the fridge.

They could hear the girls laughing in the basement, giggling at whatever movie they were watching. Again Noah rolled his eyes in mock annoyance, “Girls!” he grumbled around mouthfuls of food.

Rachel put the cake batter into the oven and walked over to Noah. “They’re cute!” she objected to his complaint.

Noah pulled Rachel into his arms and gave her a lazy smile. “Mmm, you’re cute!” he told her as he gave her a chaste kiss on her lips.

Pulling back she gave him a happy smile, stepping further into his arms, wrapping her arms around his neck. Noah leaned forward capturing her lips again. She moaned into his mouth as he deepened the kiss, his hands sliding over her body.

They were still making out in the kitchen 20 minutes later. The sounds of footsteps rushing up from the basement broke them apart. Puck groaned in annoyance as Rachel slipped from his arms, “Noah you should go!” She whispered to him.

He gave her a hard glare, “Why it’s my house too!”

“Noah you’re not supposed to be here!” She reminded him, her eyes darting to the door every few seconds watching for Bek or her friends to appear.

Their argument was moot as his sister burst through the basement door.

“Hey squirt! How’s the party going?” Puck asked his sister as she moved into the kitchen.

She gave her brother a fake grin, “Noah aren’t you supposed to be at Mike or Matt’s tonight?”

“Yeah pip squeak, I forgot Halo III so I stopped by to get it.” He lied to his sister.

Rebekah gave her brother a skeptical look. “Un huh!” She dead banned before looking at Rachel. She slid the pizza boxes on the counter, “There’s a few slices left Rach.” She smiled at the older girl.

“Thanks Bek.” Rachel checked the timer, “Your cake should be ready in a little bit.”

Bek rubbed her full tummy, “No rush Rachel, we’re all still pretty full.”

Rachel rolled her eyes at how alike Rebekah and Noah really were. Noah now had the pizza box open and was munching on one of the few pieces of pizza left.

Meanwhile Rebekah had moved around the kitchen and now had her arms full of various snacks and drinks. “Rachel raised a questioning eyebrow, “Full huh?” She asked, but the younger girl missed the comment.

“See ya No!” Bek said to her brother as she disappeared back into the basement.

Rachel went over to the stove to check the cake, satisfied it was finished she pulled it from the oven and placed it on the cooling rack. Noah was behind her now, his arms going around Rachel’s waist.

A smile spread across her face as Noah brought his lips to her neck. “That’s gotta cool right, before you can frost it?” he whispered into her ear, a shiver ran down her spine.

Slowly she turned in his arms to face him, “Yes Noah, the cake has to cool before I can frost it.” She slipped her hands up his arms. “At least a half hour to be exact.” She wiggled her eyebrows.

Puck’s smile spread as he leaned forward and scooped Rachel up into his arms and carried her into the living room.

Rachel let out a surprised squeal. “Noah! What are you doing?” She looked at him in shock. “Put me down, you’re being silly!” She didn’t sound too annoyed to be in his arms.

Noah dropped down onto the couch with Rachel firmly in his lap. “You can’t blame a guy for wanting to spend some quality time,” he wiggles his eyebrows suggestively this time, “with his smoking hot girl!”

Rachel snuggled into Noah’s arms, content just to be in his with him. She rested her head on his shoulder taking his right hand into hers. Noah smoothed Rachel’s hair down before resting his cheek on her head.

Happily they sat in silence for awhile, just enjoying each other. They didn’t talk, they didn’t need to, and they were comfortable and happy just to be together.


Reluctantly, a half hour later, Rachel rose from Noah’s lap to go finish decorating Bek’s cake. She urged him to his feet and they walked into the kitchen hand in hand. Once in the kitchen they said their goodnights, Noah placing a kiss to Rachel’s forehead. Before leaving the house Noah went to the top of the basement stairs and yelled down to his sister and her friends.

“Night midget, don’t give Rach a hard time or you’ll be sorry!” He warned before turning back to wink at his girlfriend. She laughed at him and set about finishing her project.


A few hours later Rachel was cleaning up the remains of the cake and ice cream while the girls laid out their sleeping bags to go to bed.

Rebekah moved over to Rachel and wrapped her arms around the older girls’ waist. “Thanks Rach!” Bek smiled up at Rachel.

Rachel smoothed Rebekah’s hair down and gave her a hug back. “My pleasure Rebekah!” She reassured the other girl. “Alright girls, its time for lights out!”

All the girls grumbled their protests, “I’m not silly enough to believe that means you’ll actually go to sleep just yet.” She told them, they all giggled in response. “But at some point try to get some sleep, please.” She moved towards the stairs, “I’ll be upstairs in Noah’s room if you need me.” She told them as she turned and climbed the stairs.

Quickly she straightened up the kitchen and locked up the main floor of the house before heading up to bed.

Grabbing her nightgown from her overnight bag she disappeared into the bathroom to change. A few minutes later she exited the bathroom, shutting off the light she headed back to Noah’s room. She heard some noise on the other side of his door and quickened her pace. “Bek, is everything ok?” She asks as she entered the room.

Shewas greeted with the sight of Noah bent over in the corner rummaging through a box. “Noah! What are you doing?” She scolded him for being back at the house.

Puck continued looking through the box, “Sorry babe, I really did forget an x-box game Mike wanted.” He found what he was looking for and turned to face Rachel, his smirk slipping from his face as he took in the sight before him. He went instantly hard.

Rachel was standing in the middle of his room, lit only by the street lights coming in through his window. Her hair cascaded down her back, a few pieces falling forward over her shoulders in waves. She dressed in a simple white nightgown that fell to her mid thy. It was so much like a dream he’d once had, right down to the Star of David that hung around her neck.

Puck tossed the game on his desk and took several purposeful strides closing the distance between them. He pulled her into his arms, crushing their bodies together. He captured her lips in a fierce kiss.

Her hands moved to his shoulders and she grabbed onto him for support. The raw hunger she saw in his eyes only seconds ago left her weak.

His hands slid down her body and cupped her butt, pulling her up against his hardness. Rachel opened her legs and brought them up around Noah’s waist. He used his strength to support her full weight.

She rubbed up against him, eliciting a moan from the back of his throat.

Slowly Noah backed up until his legs made contact with the bed. He sat down, Rachel straddling his lap. One of his hands slid from her back side, up her body, coming to rest at the side of her breast, just grazing along the outside. Rachel pushed herself down into Noah’s lap, moving her hips in a circular motion.

Noah broke his lips from Rachel’s to groan at the friction she was causing in his jeans. “Baby you’re killing me.” He moved his lips to her neck, sucking on her skin, peppering her with kisses.

Rachel took the hand on her side and moved it to cup her breast. Noah smiled into her neck, rolling her breast in his hand, feeling her nipple harden beneath her nightgown. “Noah!” she breathed out in pleasure as she squirmed in his lap.

“Rach you’ve got to stop moving like that!” he whined.

“What?” She asked innocently, “This!” She asked devilishly as she ground down onto his erection again.

He gave a heartfelt chuckle as he swung her around and deposited her in the middle of his bed. Her eyes were big in surprise from his sudden movements.

Puck smiled wickedly at her as he moved to settled between her legs. Gently Noah put his right hand on her thy and began to slide it slowly up her leg. He used his other hand to support his weight as he leaned forward, coming down over her body to capture her lips with his.

His hand continued to slide up her leg, disappearing under her nightgown, grazing lightly over her belly and ribs before continuing to rest on her breast.

Rachel moaned into Noah’s mouth and rocked her hips up off the bed seeking to make contact with him.

Noah gave her left breast lots of attention as they continued to kiss. “Noah!” She mewed his name letting his know she liked what he was doing. Her own hands were roaming over his arms and back, exploring his body.

“Mmm Rachel!” be breathed out when their lips parted so they could breath, “You feel so good.”

She smiled up at him, a tender look in her eyes, “Noah!” she said again before placing a kiss to his cheek, and then moving her lips to his neck. “Noah you make me feel so alive!” she whispered to him.

His eyes rolled back in his head as she bit down playfully on his ear. “Rach” He pleaded at the sensations she was building inside him, “I need you!” he brought her mouth from his neck so he could look her in the eyes. He needed her to see the hunger she aroused in him.

Their eyes locked and unspoken words crossed between them, each conveying what they felt, what they desperately needed the other person to know.   “Noah I…” she began.

“Rach we…” he started at the same time.

A smile spread across both their lips. Noah leaned forward and Rachel brought her lips up to meet him in a searing kiss.

“Rachel!” A small voice called from the bottom of the stairs.

Noah and Rachel shot apart, surprise and shock on both their faces.

“Rach!” Rebekah called again, “Can you come down?” Annoyance was clear in the younger girls tone.

Noah sat back on his legs, silently cursing his sister horrible sense of timing.

“I’ll be right down!” Rachel called out to Noah’s sister. Quickly she moved to get off the bed, but before she could get to far Noah’s arm reached out to stop her, pulling her back for a kiss.

Dodging out of Noah’s grasp Rachel slipped from the bed and began moving around his room looking for something to throw on over her night shirt.

“Sweat pants in the top draw.” He told her from his spot on the bed.

She gave him a grateful smile over her shoulder. She slid on a pair of his sweats and continued to look for a sweatshirt. Rachel pulled on one of Noah’s McKinley High sports jerseys instead. 

“Babe, I like the way you look in my clothes!” He told her as she moved to leave his room, “but I think I’m gonna like the way you look out of them even more.” A lecherous grin graced his handsome face.

Rachel rolled her eyes; she was becoming used to his crude manner and often found ignoring it the quickest way to get him to stop. The sight of the clock on his night stand caught her attention, a worried look crossing her features.

“What is it babe?” Concern was in his voice.

“Your mom!” She got out those two words before he cut her off.

“What about her?” He didn’t like where this was headed.

“Tonight’s not her normal overnight shift; she was just filling in for a few hours. Noah she’ll be home in 20 minutes.” She nervously chewed her lip.

“Shit!” Noah cried as he covered his face with his pillow.

“You need to go, now!” Panic in her voice, “Your mom cannot find you here!”

Noah tossed the pillow off his face and sat up, swinging his legs over the side of the bed and rising to his feet.

“Rach!” Bek called up again.

“Coming!” Rachel called down again. She turned to face Noah, “I better go see what she needs before she decides to come up and get me.”

Noah tossed a dirty look the relative direction his sister was in, “Stupid cock blocker!” he grumbled under his breath.

Noah went to Rachel, giving her a few quick kisses. Reluctantly she pulled away from him, “You better get going.” She moved to door and disappeared out into the hallway. 

Noah listed as Rachel descended the stairs.   From the other side of the door he could hear as his sister explained to Rachel what was so urgent at 2 am in the morning. Apparently the girls had been sharing some scary stories and one of the girls got freaked out. Now that girl wanted to call her mom to come pick her up, she was too scared to stay the rest of the night. “Chicks!” Puck mumbled as he listened to the saga continue to unfold.

Moving from his room he creeps down the hallway, stopping at the top of the stairs to hear better. The girls have moved into the kitchen. Sure the coast is clear Noah slips down the stairs and out the front door unnoticed.

When Noah gets back to Mike’s place he’s pretty pissed at his little sister and her friends, next time they sleep over he plans to make their lives hell. Mike was pretty pissed Noah returned without the x-box game he’d gone home twice to get. 



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