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22 March 2010 @ 09:17 pm
So Close 3/5  

Title: So Close
Author: [info]wander_lust_79 
Prompt: 282. Five times Puck and Rachel didn't have sex.
Rating: NC-17 for adult situations/language
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Rachel Berry/Noah Puckerman
Warnings: No spoilers beyong first 13 episodes
Disclaimer: I don't own Glee, Noah Puckerman or Rachel Berry
Summary: 5 times Puck and Rachel don't have sex...but so close!


The third time Noah “Puck” Puckerman and Rachel Berry didn’t have sex was at Mike Chang’s house party, celebrating Glee’s win at sectionals.

The week after sectionals was odd. Everyone in school knew the truth about Quinn’s baby. Most people gave Finn and Puck a wide berth in the halls, not sure what either boy might do. Glee was like another world. Everyone got along, or at least tolerated each other. Finn kept his distance from everyone, but specifically avoided Quinn and Puck. Quinn kept her distance from Finn, but her eyes were always searching him out. She also stirred clear of Puck too. The rest of the club tried to keep the peace, if they saw the possibility of something going wrong someone would step in to avoid the potential problem.

Mr. Schue was back, thankfully, but he had them in the choir room every day after school, getting ready for regional’s. Since football was done for the season there was no conflict with the jock’s schedules. 

At the beginning of Friday’s practice Mike Chang announced he was having a party at his house the following night. His parent’s went out of town this morning, last minute business trip, so he had the house to himself for the next few days. Chang invited all of the Glee kids, along with the football team, Cheerios, baseball team and basketball team. He made it clear everyone was invited, including Finn, Quinn and Puck, they were all his friends, and he wasn’t going to choose one over the other.

Quinn pulled Mike aside after practice to thank him for including her, but she wasn’t much up for partying, and things were tense around the Hudson’s, she didn’t want to make any more trouble.

Finn called him early Saturday morning to say he wouldn’t be coming either. Things were still too hard for him at the moment, he was taking this weekend to get away, go visit his aunt and uncle in Toledo. Mike understood and let him know he was there for Finn if he needed him.

Puck showed up at his door at 3pm, offering to help Chang set up for the party. He brought a case of beer, popped the top, and reclined on Mike’s couch.  That was Puck’s idea of helping.

Mike rolled his eyes before going back to getting the house of for the party.

The Glee kids showed up around 6:30, all except Santana and Brittney. Mike expected as much, he knew his new friends hadn’t been invited to too many parties, he figured they’d show up ‘on time’ while everyone else would be fashionably late.

Mike welcomed them in, showing them around the house, and where they could put their things. Mike pulled Artie aside, asking for help with the music.

Kurt and the girls hung out in the kitchen, offering to help Mike get out the food he had for the party.

An hour later and other people started to arrive. Another hour after that and the party was in full swing.

Loud music pumped through the speakers, people where dancing in the living room, and alcohol was flowing for various kegs and bottles. 

“Ok watch one more time.” Kurt instructed the other kids as he picked up the salt shaker. “Lick!” He said with a raised brow as he licked the back of his hand, “Shake!” He told them as he shock out some salt onto his skin, “Lick the salt you just sprinkled,” he did as he told them, “Knock the shot back and them suck!” Kurt picked up the shot and showed everyone what to do.

Tina and Mercedes giggled as they watched Kurt take his shot of tequila.

“Ok guys now you try!” Kurt raised a challenging brow at his friends.

Tina, Artie, Mercedes, Rachel and Matt picked up their shots. Matt already knew how to take a shot of tequila, but he let Kurt think he was teaching him something. “Remember, lick, salt, lick, shoot, suck!” They laughed but did as they had been instructed. All making faces as they put their glasses back down on the counter.

“Eww that was gross.” Tina complained.

“Yeah that has to be the worst things I’ve ever tasted.” Mercedes added.

Artie was shaking his head yes, “I didn’t think anything could taste that horrible.”

“I…I kind of liked it.” Rachel said sheepishly. “It was strong, but good.”

All eyes fell on her, a few mouth dropped open. Kurt smiled broadly and walked over to Rachel and put an arm around her. “I knew we got along for a reason Rachel.”   Kurt teased. “Wanna do another shot with me?” He fully expected her to say no.

She smiled and picked up her glass, handing it to him to fill. Kurt smiled wider, took her glass and topped it off. “Ready?” He asked handing over her shot.

“1, 2, 3!” She counted off, on three they threw their shots back.

“Damn girls!” Mercedes cheered them on. “Take it easy there ladies!”

Rachel grinned at the other teens; she felt the heat of the tequila rushing through her body.

“I cannot believe you like that crap!” Mercedes chided both Kurt and Rachel, “It’s the definition of nasty!”

Both diva’s shrugged, “It not so bad.” They said in unison, looking at each other they broke out in a fit of giggles.

Mercedes rolled her eyes as the grouped laughed at the obviously tipsy duo. “Wow look’s like the Diva’s can play nice together!” Artie teased.

Puck walked into the kitchen and stopped shot at what he saw. Most of the glee kids had made their way into Matt’s kitchen, standing around the island in the center of the room, a few shot glasses and beers spread out among them. He was pretty sure he just entered the Twilight Zone.

Shaking the thoughts from his head he moved towards the group, stopping to rest his hip on the counter. “Well what’s going on over here?” He asked casually.

Tina’s was closest to him so she fills him in, “Kurt’s introducing us all to the wonderful world of tequila, “ she paused her story to look at him and make a disgusted face, he couldn’t help but laugh, “everyone was grossed out by it,” she turned a pointed gaze at Rachel, “all of us except Rachel that is! The girl loves the stuff!” Tina shook her head in amusement.

Puck tired not to let his moth drop open in surprise. “No shit, Berry likes tequila, really?” He looked at the rest of the group for confirmation of this fact before turning his attention to Rachel.   She was laughing at something Artie just said, her head tilted back, a slight flush to her cheeks, oblivious to the attention on her.

Mercedes, who was standing next to Tina, answered Puck, “The girl is crazy for the stuff! She’s already done two shots,” Mercedes looked down at her watch, “in less than 20 minutes. I’m pretty sure our girl is smashed!”

Rachel looked over at Mercedes, Tina and Puck, just realizing Noah had entered the room. She guessed the three had just been talking about her. The smile on her face grew as she moved around the island to join in the trio’s conversation. “Are you guy’s talking about me?” She asked them sweetly.

Mercedes dropped an arm over Rachel’s shoulder and pulled the petite brunette to her side, “Just filling Puck here in on your delinquent behavior!”

Rachel tried not to giggle, but it was a losing battle. “I’m merely learning to let go a little.” She corrected Mercedes. The taller girl rolled her eyes. “Who knew it could be so much fun,” Rachel added in surprise, “and so yummy!” She licked her lips savoring the lingering taste on her lips.

“Looks like Berry’s a little drunk!” Puck said looking over at the smaller girl.

“Thank you Captain Obvious!” Kurt chimed in, earning him a death glare from Puck.

Rachel stumbled towards Puck; his eyes remained glued on Kurt, staring down the smaller teen. Rachel didn’t like being ignored, and she didn’t want there to be any fighting among the group, there had been enough of that lately. She raised her arm and poked Puck in the center of his chest.

Puck batted her hand away and rubbed the center of his now aching chest, “Jesus Berry, do you have a finger of steel or something?” He finally broke his glare from Kurt, he didn’t miss the self satisfied smile that crossed Kurt’s face, nor did he miss when Kurt stuck his tongue out at him either. In response Puck chucked him the bird, out of Rachel’s line of sight to avoid a lecture of some kind.

Rachel was feeling pretty good and wouldn’t have noticed Puck’s actions anyway. She was busy looking down at her finger in confusion, “Nope it’s just flesh and bone.” She told him seriously.

Puck looked at her slightly confused, “huh?” but then he realized she was answering his questions about her ‘finger of steel’ and smile broke out on his face. “It was a joke Berry! I know you don’t actually have a steel finger.” He rolled his eyes as he said the last few words.

An expression of confusion clouded her features; bit was quickly replaced by a smile when she finally followed his logic. She couldn’t stop the giggles that erupted from her mouth

“Shit Rach, you’re pretty fucked up!” Puck was highly amused by the Rachel Berry in front of him.

A serious looked crossed Rachel’s face, “Noah don’t swear!” she scolded him, the smile falling slightly from his face. The Rachel they all knew was showing through, “It’s really fucking immature!” Or maybe not.

Everyone fell into a stunned silence for a few seconds, trying to process the words that had just come out of Rachel’s mouth. A huge smile graced the tiny brunettes’ angelic face, proud at the fact she had just stunned the whole room into silence.

Finally they all busted out laughing, the initial shock wearing off. Matt and Mike fist pumped, “Dude Rachel’s officially been corrupted!”

“I cannot believe you know that word Berry!” A hint of his own smile ghosting Puck’s face.

She looked up at him innocently, “I know a lot of words Noah! I just don’t choose to use them.”

“Who would have guessed Rachel’s such a potty mouth!” Kurt teased.

Rachel mock gasped and spun on her heal to face her attacker, she wobbled slightly and Puck stepped forward placing his hands on her hips to steady her. “Right through my heart Kurt!” She covered the right side of her chest.

“Wrong side Rachel.” Artie corrected her with a laugh.

Rachel looked down at her hands unsure, but she moved them to the left side of her body when she realized her mistake. She looked at Artie and gave him a wink before turning back to Kurt.

The other boy was laughing, but sobered up when Rachel’s eyes fell on him again, “Sorry sweetie you know I love you!”

Rachel stuck out her bottom lip, “I thought you did!” She leaned back into Noah, who still had his hands on her hips. Looking up at him she told Noah, “Just a few minutes ago Kurt and I bonded over our mutual love of tequila,” her head dropped the rest of the way back to his shoulder, “and now he insults me like we’re barely even friends!” A small smile tugging at the corner of her mouth, even as she tried to look upset.

“Sometimes life’s a bitch!” was Puck’s response.

“And apparently so is Kurt!” Rachel added, gaining her another round of laughter from the crowd, Kurt included. 

Pouring out two more shots Kurt slide one over to Rachel, “a peace offering!” he raised a questioning brow in her direction.

Cautiously Rachel regarded him for a minute before a smile broke out on her face, “Of course, how can I stay mad at my fellow Diva!” She leaned forward and snatched up the waiting shot.

Both teens set about knocking their shots back.   They were greeted with a few cheers of encouragement and a few groans of disgust, Puck gave a soft laugh from behind Rachel.

She looked over her shoulder giving him a questioning look, “What the Puck Noah?” She giggled at her own joke, as did a few others, Puck just rolled his eyes.

“Cute Berry!” was his comment of acknowledgement.

She turned around to face him, realizing for the first time how close he was to her. But Rachel didn’t dwell on their physical proximity, her focus was on finding out what he thought was so laughable. “What was your laugh for?” she tried to keep any hurt out of her voice.

Puck looked down at her and smirked, “Don’t get me wrong, you can handle your booze just fine,” he looked over at Kurt, “but it’s obvious you didn’t learn the proper way to enjoy the shot.”

Again Rachel looked at him confused, “I enjoyed each shot!” She informed him.

A delish smile crept across his face, “but I can show you a way to enjoy it even more.” His voice dropped a few octaves, sending a slight shiver down Rachel’s spine. Puck looked back up at Kurt, motioning to the shot glass Rachel had just used.

Mercedes passed the glass to Kurt and once filled she passed it back to Puck. He set the shot down next to him and Rachel on the island counter. Puck leaned back slightly and inspected Rachel, his eyes searching her from head to toe.

Normally she would have felt uncomfortable under such close inspection, but she was feeling too good to care.

Puck picked up a lime wedge, bringing the rind side up to her lips, “Open,” was his gentle command; wordlessly she obeys parting her lips to grab hold of the fruit.

He reached for the salt, his other hand pushing the hair away from Rachel’s neck. Putting a finger under her chin he tilts her head to one side, exposing her slender neck further. The whole kitchen has gone quiet watching the pair.

He doesn’t look away from Rachel’s eyes as he began preparing for his shot. Leaning down to her neck he darts his tongue out of his mouth and licks a slow line across Rachel’s soft skin. Rachel’s eyes fall shut but she contains the moan that begs to be released.

Puck leans back, he can’t hide the smile when he sees Rachel’s obvious enjoyment of this attention, eyes closed, and mouth parted slightly holding the lime, a flush to her cheeks. Quickly he sprinkles the salt over the area he just licked. He deposits the salt shaker back on the counter and bends back down to lick the salt off Rachel’s throat.

He takes his time, enjoying the feel of her pulse beating rapidly under his tongue. Once all the salt has been cleaned away he straightens up and throws back his shot of tequila, depositing the empty glass next to the salt shaker. Reaching out he places his hands on either side of her face and guides their mouths together. Their lips meet for the briefest moment before he sweeps his tongue forward and claims the lime from Rachel’s mouth.

Puck steps back, sucking on the line, a triumphant smirk on his face. He’s looking down at Rachel, her eyes still closed, “And that’s how to properly enjoy a shot of tequila!” he tells her, and their audience.

Rachel blinks her eyes open a few times before she looks up and see’s the smug look on Puck’s face. She feels warmth spread through her belly and she doesn’t try to ignore it, or push it away. A huge smile breaks out across her face and she licks her lips, tasting a hint of lime and Noah.

Tina and Mercedes are fanning themselves, Mike and Matt are saying how “Puck’s the man!” and high fiving each other. Even Kurt adjusts the collar around his neck, obviously affected by the scene he’s just witnessed.

“Mmm, my turn!” Rachel says eagerly as she turns to Kurt to fill her shot glass. Still a little shocked by the show that Puck put on, Kurt fumbles with the bottle spilling a little of the tequila as he pours out Rachel’s shot.

Shot in hand Rachel turns back towards Noah and lets her eyes roam his body this time. Without a step stool she’s never going to reach his neck she realizes sadly, so she needs to find a different spot to lick. There’s a sparkle in her eyes as she searches out the perfect place on Noah’s body.

Suddenly she’s hit with a brilliant idea. A bashful look on her face, she peers up at Noah sweetly, “Flex your right arms for me?” her question is innocent.

Confused Puck complies, raising his right arm and flexing the muscle. Setting her shot down on the counter, Rachel reached out and rolls up the sleeve on Noah’s shirt to expose more of his arm.

He watches her out of the corner of his eye, intrigued.

She doesn’t reach for the salt, but instead wraps both hands around his bicep. Slowly she leans forward and licks a delicate line length wise along his muscle. Noah managers not to show any kind of physical reaction, but he feels something stir inside him.

One tiny hand remains on his arm as she quickly sprinkles the salt over the area she’s just licked. Rachel reaches for a lime, not sure where her boldness is coming from, she brings the lime to her mouth and draws the fruit’s flesh across her tongue.

Every guy in the room lets out a groan of approval at her actions; her smile grows wider.

Reaching up to Puck’s mouth she places the lime between his waiting lips.

Quickly she licks the salt from his arm, tosses back her shot and claims Noah’s mouth with her own. The shot glass is still in her possession as she brings her hands to either side of Puck’s face, holding on to him as she deepens their kiss.

Puck wraps his arms around Rachel, bringing her body flush against his. Not satisfied with the amount of contact their bodies are currently experiencing, Puck puts his hands on Rachel’s hips and lifts her off the ground. Her body responds on its own, her legs coming up around his hips, her arms sliding along his shoulders and around his neck.

Rachel breaks the kiss long enough to remove the lime from between their mouths, tossing it over her shoulder as she moves back in to reclaim Noah’s lips. After a few more minutes of making out, and receiving a few cat calls from their friends, they end the kiss. Puck still has Rachel around his waist and has no plans of letting her go. “Now that’s how it’s done babe!” A dopey smile present on his usually stoic face.

Everyone’s stunned into silence, not believing they actually witness the scene that played out before them this time.

Still feeling empowered by the warm liquid running through her blood Rachel allows her hands to run over Noah’s chest and shoulder, exploring his hard muscles.

He’s got a lazy smile spreading across his lips as he looks into her eyes. His eyes flicker down to her lips and he watches as her pink tongue darts out and moistens her now swollen lips.

Mike is just about to make an off handed comment when the group is again stunned into silence as Puck closes the distance between him and Rachel and take her lips with his. Puck’s moving out of the kitchen, Rachel still in his arms, he’s in search of a more private location where they can continue this make-out session and maybe more.

Snapping out of the trance Mercedes called after the parting couple, “Don’t forget to be safe!”

Puck raised one hand from Rachel’s firm ass to flip them the bird, again. Moving to the second floor, Puck made his way down the long hallway to the room he was looking for. He paused outside Matt’s parent’s room and grabbed the skeleton key from above the door. Unlocking the room Matt has secured earlier.  Matt didn’t want anyone hanging out in his parent’s room having sex, it would just be too weird, not that it would stop Puck.

Once inside the room he flipped on the lights and made his way to the bed, depositing Rachel in the center of the mattress. A few quick pecks on the lips and he was pulling away, heading back to the door to make sure it was locked and they didn’t have any interruptions.

Rachel knelt in the center of the bed, watching Puck move around the room, nervously she bit on her lower lip as she waited for him to return to her.

With a predatory look, Puck made his way towards the bed, enjoying the way Rachel appeared, nervous and excited, lips red and swollen from his kisses, eyes full of lust and desire. He watched as she reached for the hem of her shirt and lifted it up and off her body, tossing to the floor. Mimicking her actions Puck did the same with his top.

Her eyes racked over his exposed chest and she couldn’t help but lick her lips again.

“Damn Rachel you are seriously hot!” Everything she did only seemed to turn him on more.

She giggles, reaching out for him, wanting to pull Noah onto the bed to join her. He kicked off his shoes and undid his belt, tossing it to the floor with their already discarded clothes. “I’m awful lonely on this big bed all by myself!” She tells him in her most innocent voice. He crawls onto the bed, joining her in the middle of the king size mattress. They resume kissing, hands exploring each other’s bodies. Rachel is sliding one of her small hands over Noah’s chest when she comes in contact with this sensitive nipple.

He hisses in sweet plain as her hand grazes his nipple ring. Parting the kiss she looks down to see what’s causing this reaction, “Noah, a nipple ring?” She’s biting her lip at the thought of his pierced nipple.

“I’m kind of Rock and Roll”! He tells her coolly. 

Rolling her eyes at his comment she keeps her attention on his chest, running her hand over the sensitive area again and again.  Watching Noah, she can see how much pleasure this simple action brings him. Leaning forward, brining her lips to his nipple, she places a chaste kiss to the erect area. Involuntarily Noah’s eyes shut and his head falls back as he enjoys the sensation Rachel is causing to run through his whole body with such a simple action. Pleased with his response she grows bolder still, licking around the piercing, kissing the nipple, and finally pulling the whole area into her mouth and giving him a few firm tugs.

Puck stills her actions, pulling her face back up to his level. “You keep that up much longer and this is gonna be over before it even starts.” He playfully tells her.

He slides a hand into his back pocket in search of the condom he is sure they will need very soon. He swears when he doesn’t find one, “I always have….shit!” He remembers earlier in the evening passing it on to one of his football brothers who needed it.

Giggling at his vulgar language Rachel watched in fascination as Puck moves off the bed and starts opening the draws in the nightstand next to the bed. “They’ve got to have some in here!” He’s talking to himself, maybe to the gods of sex, hoping to find a condom.

Rachel settles against the massive collection of pillows at the head of the bed, watching Puck move around the room to the other night stand. “Fuck!” He curses as he finds this cupboard bare of prophylactics.

Stretching, Rachel lets out a soft yawn as Puck disappears into the master bathroom, his last hope of finding protection. Her eyes feel heavy and she fights to stay awake, listening to Noah’s mumbling and swears from the other room.

The sound of a few doors being open and shut; draws pulled open and rummaged through, wafts into the bedroom. “Eureka!” Puck shots, having found the Holy Grail. “Have no fear baby; the Puckerone always comes through in a pinch!”

No response comes from Rachel, Puck raises a curious brow as he re-enters the bedroom and makes his way towards the bed. The sight he’s met with is very disappointing. Rachel is curled up among the pillows, legs up to her chest, sleeping soundly.

Puck runs a frustrated hand over his head and tosses the condom onto the night stand next to Rachel’s side of the bed. He makes his way over to the other side of the bed, climbing onto the mattress to again join Rachel. He grabs the remote he saw earlier and flips on the TV.

Rachel makes a few noises in her sleep before turning and rolling into his side, seeking Noah’s body heat.

A content smile crosses his face as he pulls her closer to him, his attention goes to the re-cap of the nights basketball game, the highlight reel his favorite part. An hour later and the two teens are fast asleep, tucked together in the large bed, blissfully content and relaxed.

The next morning Rachel woke in pain, and in a panic. She found herself in a strange place, wrapped in someone’s arms, practically topless. Plus her head was pounding, her mouth felt like it was full of cotton and her stomach was threatening to expel whatever she had ingested the night before.

Roughly shoving Puck out of the bed and onto the floor, effectively waking him from his slumber, Rachel talked loudly (yelling was painful) at Puck, demanding to know what happened. After recovering from his graceful dismount Noah went into the master bathroom and brought Rachel a glass of water and some aspirin, giving her instructions to swallow both and sit quietly while he explained to her what happened.

Twenty minutes later she was more composed and less nauseous. She spent the next half hour explaining to Noah how they were now officially back together as a couple. There was no way she would deal with the relentless teasing her fellow Glee clubbers, not to mention everyone else at the party who witnessed their escapade, would heap upon her otherwise.

Puck agreed, took her home and then used his little sister’s pocket dictionary from her creative writing class to look up half the words Rachel had thrown his way.


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